Friday, September 2, 2016

Odd Day !

It percolates down the throat.

You take a gulp of water
and wish it to tone down.

Sometimes it does.

All the other times,
you wish away it.

Inner fears,
inner desires,
they catch hold of you.

Some small ignition,
and it triggers like
burning the hay by the matchstick.

What is burning?

It is your strength to stand up
and talk straight.

Just like the hay straw which is
hard and straight before burning,

but later is is just a black remains
devoid of color, or the strength.

Do not get disheartened!

You are the shining star in the sky.

Just because some clouds come up does not mean
that your brightness will be marred by them.

You are the pole star of your life.
Show us the way.

Keep shining.

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