Friday, September 2, 2016

Odd Day !

It percolates down the throat.

You take a gulp of water
and wish it to tone down.

Sometimes it does.

All the other times,
you wish away it.

Inner fears,
inner desires,
they catch hold of you.

Some small ignition,
and it triggers like
burning the hay by the matchstick.

What is burning?

It is your strength to stand up
and talk straight.

Just like the hay straw which is
hard and straight before burning,

but later is is just a black remains
devoid of color, or the strength.

Do not get disheartened!

You are the shining star in the sky.

Just because some clouds come up does not mean
that your brightness will be marred by them.

You are the pole star of your life.
Show us the way.

Keep shining.

Ban Culture !

Ban hijab,
Ban naqab,
Ban the scull cap,
Ban the beard,
Ban the turban,
Ban the cross
Ban the gowns,
Ban the holy towns,
Ban all the symbols,
Criticize the naked,
Criticize the covered ones,
Criticize the half covered ones,
Ban green,
Ban white,
Ban black,
Ban saffron,
Shout on whites because they are white,
Shout on blacks because they are black,
You shout on me,
I shout on you,
Converstations are long dead,
Relations are long dead,
Decency whatever is left is dying,
Symbols are rising,
Smbols are dying too.
Kill the identity,
Complain why all are the same.
Create new identity to differentiate,
Find what is common among all.
Start courses on comparative differences.
Start fighting on the differences.
Strive for equality.
Those not ready to become equal, push them hard.
Start complaining about the equality.
Find elites amongst the equals.
Question why someone is more equal than you.
Get confused.
Confuse others.
Strive for simplicity.
It is getting complex.
Take a deep breath.
Sigh ! Alas ! Oh God !

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Everyone is killing everyone,
because everyone thinks that everyone is guilty.
No one thinks that the other one is right!
People have a vision for their righteousness,
People enforce their righteousness on other people!
Those who do nothing are blamed,
Those who do something are also blamed,
Those who do everything are not blamed.
The world is watching a football match,
they throw humans in one goal,
they throw humans in the other goal,
they count goal made by humans.
Who won?
God knows, I answer.
Whose God? They ask.
Which One? Yours or mine.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

We the people

People will not discuss the names of the other nine but the one who is shown on tv

People will not discuss why hundreds die in siachin every year from cold and related conditions

People will not discuss why there should be a battleground in a glaciar

People will not ask questions from those  who must answer

People will only ask what they see on tv, read on facebook, share on watsapp

People in our country have forgotten the art of asking the right questions

People follow rhetoric, rhetoric follows people.

We the people, are for people, by the people.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How difficult it is for you
To remain sane
To be in control of thoughts

Why do you have to blame others?

Don't cry!

You are disrespecting God

He wants you to be happy.
Accept and don't crib.

You are among the fortunate ones
O heart !
Why do you bleed?

There will be a new sunrise tomorrow
And the the morning breeze will sweep away, all your worries.

It is easy to remain firm
Keep the ground.

The thoughts
where do you come from?

You are an aberration.

Your soul can see it
Look inside!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Rains

As if the God is crying
since last 24 hours,

this incessant rain
is not pleasing,

Something unexpected
is either liked or disliked!

Is it a pleasant surprise?
You will ask,

And it maybe
or it maybe not,

But the reasons will be sought,

Is it that the God is unhappy that it is raining?
Is it global warming?
the more rational ones will ask,

The realist will just enjoy the downpour,

And for others
it is raining for no reason.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Point !

The point is to feel
and remain alive,

you will make the same
mistakes again and again,

you know why you are doing that
Don't you?

The challenge is to break that loop.

Don't feel bad for something for
which you already have,

why cry again for the same disappointment?

Move from one to another,
create new disappointments

that's the experience,

How will you know if you never failed
why you failed,

The wisdom lies somewhere there,

And don't expect too much
when you try too hard,

the outcome will always be less
than what you have thought,
it may be late too,

But why be in a hurry?

You only have two hands to hold
the things that life can offer you,

So, don't be full.

Keep that space somewhere there,

You will be fine in the end.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Game of assumptions !

People take you for granted

they believe that
all the attention
all the care
is default emolument,

The law of assumption
is good for them.

When something flows from
one way to another
the flow stops

not until something comes back in reverse,
the feedback is necessary,

it amplifies the signal
even the emotional ones

Everything is cyclical
if it is life,

the peaks must be separated from the troughs
but the troughs will come,

but if the two remain for long
that means an abnormality has happened,

More peaks of Love
are the joys,

More troughs of Pain
are the sorrows,

But the exceptions are not the rule,
We love exceptions nonetheless.

People want to be exceptional
they forget others too want the same,

Those who get become content
Those who don't long for it

Only the hungry can search the food

As they say "only the chaos inside can give
birth to a dancing star",

Those who can grant something are worthless
those who give it freely are the Lords,

the game is different
it is a new turf,

Play differently,
Say ! you have not lost yet.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Sentiments live in a fools paradise,

so what that you think that
feeling for something is important,

If others think otherwise,
Will you mend your ways?

the blissful are a few and
the remaining live in oblivion.

Take a cursory look at the surroundings
feel the air;

will it preserve the moisture?
who knows?

Maybe the sense of reality
is an illusion itself,

Don't feel!

Conserve, conceive
bear the fruit of nonsense,


Confirm it from your heart,
take acceptance,

obey the commands,

Love the resolutions,
Don't change your heart.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Live !

Live !

for you have to live
and keep the flame alive,

I know that the sermons
may not appeal to you,

but the thoughts behind it
may transcend,

Maybe the happiness can travel
from my lips to yours,

It isn't a big distance, is it?

There is only one good thing
about goodness,

It appeals.

You may not reciprocate it but
you know the feeling.

So Live in a better way,
better than how you did it yesterday,
better than how you have thought it would be tomorrow,

The flame if not oiled properly
will burn the lead,

Happiness and contentment is the oil for life.

Don't miss it!

Live because tomorrow will be
better than today,
even better than yesterday,

for that is the purpose of your life,

for your existence may not matter now
but it will some day,

So live in the hope,
live in the dreams,

create new dreams
share them,

Give others a place in your dreams,

Rekindle the joy of life.

Life is sugary
Life is sweet

taste it!

If you have not tasted the salt
you will never know why sugar is sweet.

Find a pivot!
attach yourself to it,
and then roam.

but forget not your Sun.

Don't go far away from your Sun,
you will grow cold.

Don't go to near to it,
You will burn yourself.

but from a distance.

but to give light.

for you have to live.